What is a 


                               Why Do You Need One




You need a virtual assistant because as an attorney, there are times when you need a helping hand, but you don't need a full-time helper 

A virtual assistant appears electronically when you have a deadline, and disappears  when your legal office is functioning smoothly


  A Virtual Assistant is Your Invisible Right Hand


  Providing Immediate Relief From Research Overload 


  A Virtual Assistant is an electronic "temp" employee 


  Your Assistant is fully-trained

            Pays her own taxes and expenses

            Works as an independent contractor 

            Does not invade your space 


  A Click of Your Mouse, and Help is On The Way



                          Virtual Assistant is the Internet's ANSWER to staffing problems for Attorneys


If you are having difficulty getting around the Internet, or around the law library,

this Virtual Assistant is

a certified PC Specialist, a Law School graduate and

an experienced Reference Librarian


If you need assistance with your research, Virtual Legal Assistant is here to help

The faster your business grows, the less time you have




                         Are you falling behind on your research

                                Do you wish you had another right hand 

                               Need someone to help you gather information         

                               Finally, you don't have to do everything yourself 


Our services are available "as needed " and  "when needed"


Plus! you don't have to pay us when we talk to Mom on the telephone, socialize around the water-cooler, or take long lunch hours






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